Gosh Darn Independent (GDI – La, US)

I will be happy with bipartisanship reappears. This country is by the people, for the people. At least the last couple of administrations have been targeting one group.
We need politicians that stand up for what is best for all of us, the people.
Full Disclosure: I voted R for every National election from 1986 until 2012. Now, I consider myself independent, as I think the vast majority of our politicians are self-serving. This behavior is a reflection on the people that elect them — that would be us.
Being a spectator of National Politics, it seems that we view it as a sport.  Our society has many considerable issues that, unaddressed, could destroy our democracy.  Not in the long run, as we would like to believe, but within a few years.
A Trump administrator warns of a disputed election and an armed response. This is the earmark of a dictatorship.
Again, this is a reflection on us.

The Notorious RBG ask that her replacement be done after the election. A Judge, promoting political policy? Wow. It doesn’t matter that which she asks is historical precedent. The fact that she felt she needed to make that a dying wish should raise eyebrows.

We need to do better.  We need to strive for unity. We need to become “We the People” again, and leave “Us” and “Them” behind.

That’s my choice of pronouns, “We the people.”

Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot – glad to be writing again.