Day 1 of RhinoSkin use

I put the RhinoSkin through its paces today. I took it out to show my school's secretary and dropped it. She said, "That's why you need it."

It fits into my back pockets on my slacks just fine. I thought that the cover would get in the way while I was writing, but that isn't the case. The cut-outs are not limiting. You don't have to go through any special movements to get to your stylus or recharge. Everything is accessible.

When playing music, the back speaker plays through a matching hole in the hard case. The combination of the hard case and the slight angle that the case sits because of the raised area for the screw, actually plays the music a little louder. Before, when I would play the music, the stock microfiber cover would cover the outlet and the music was barely audible. It was nice to have Metallica play while I was eating my lunch alone.

I really like the replacement stylus. The stylus' cover removes to reveal a ball-point pen. It writes well. I now don't need to keep a separate pen to write on old-fashioned paper.

With the state mandated testing over, I look back on this week as one that proved the Palm TX's worth. The school has a secured wifi network (thanks in part to yours truly). I used this network to check my email where ever I was without the need to sign into a desktop computer. To facilitate multiple grade levels of testing, teachers are clumped together in grade-levels. That way all the 7th graders finish their test at approximately the same time, and the same for 8th and 9th graders. It's a simple plan, but gives some technology hurdles. Hurdles that the TX jumped effortlessly.

During testing, I would plug my TX into a wall outlet and set my email too auto-sync every 5 minutes. After that, with less frequent use, the TX would have enough battery to last the remainder of the day.

I'm still looking for a program that lets me write "LaTeX" on my palm. I used to have one years ago. I thought it was called PalmTex, but I must be wrong. I've googled it several times, but I am coming up with goose eggs.

Love my TX

Jay C. Theriot