Got some new goodies for my Palm TX. I usually fret and fret about getting something for myself and then end up never getting it. Well, I successfully defeated the urge to forget it and I bought some new things for my TX. All these purchases were from Amazon.com.

This was the first time I ordered something from Amazon and it will not be the last. I found there website to be very helpful in making my purchases. I was just looking for a RhinoSkin hard case for the TX, but Amazon's links on their website said "Those that purchased this also purchased …" This is what I got:

A 2GB SD card, around $8. You can't even get that deal at Wal-Mart.

The RhinoSkin, around $25. I'm very impressed with this skin. It's brushed aluminum over a lyrca? padded inside. There are holes to access the stylus, connections, and SD card. The case has storage for two SD cards in the cover.

Replacement Styli: I really didn't need these, but they have a built-in ink pen. The geek in me took over.

Thanks Amazon! For about $5 more than the price of a hardcase on www.palm.com I got a hard case, styli and 2GB of storage.

Jay C. Theriot